Capture the Flag Contest at HAR (HARCTF)


Welcome to the HAR-CTF!

The HAR CTF is a Capture-the-Flag-Contest taking place at and during HAR, but participation is possible from all over the world.

The CTF is scheduled for August 14th 2009, starting at 10 PM CEST. Duration is between 12 and 24 hours. How long it will run exactly will depend on the teams...

If you want to register a team, you first have to register an account.

If you already registered a team, you can change your preferences, check your approval status and/or download your VPN certificate on the settings page.


The following teams have signed up and were approved so far:

Logo Team Name Country Participation type
Teamlogo Flex Surfing Germany remote
Teamlogo h4ck!nb3rg Austria remote
Teamlogo Skyshaper Germany remote
Teamlogo milky way Russia remote
Teamlogo SiBears Russian Federation remote
-- No Image -- CIT Russia Federation remote
Teamlogo Kav@Bu|\|ga Russian Federation remote
-- No Image -- Peter File Germany local
Teamlogo 0ldEur0pe Germany remote
Teamlogo sqrt529 Germany remote
Teamlogo Lucky^_^Cats Russia remote
Teamlogo Wild Ride Russia remote
-- No Image -- heroez Russia remote
Teamlogo squareroots Germany remote
Teamlogo BIOS India remote
-- No Image -- yellowfrogs Poland remote
Teamlogo b@nnieZ Russia remote
Teamlogo StopUsToo Russia remote
Teamlogo LuckyBastards Hackland local
-- No Image -- foobar Germany remote
-- No Image -- Good usa remote
-- No Image -- Hannah&Vanessa Lustland remote
-- No Image -- CroqueMadame Fr remote
Teamlogo fusion Germany remote
-- No Image -- halsten Egypt remote
Teamlogo innovaLANd innovaland local
Teamlogo Ghost_Call Har09 local
Teamlogo styriuhorky Slovakia remote
Teamlogo Echo Base UK local
Teamlogo LEGOFAN Germany remote
-- No Image -- TeamBSDVillage (kramse) Denmark local
Teamlogo ashrae Belgium remote
Teamlogo hysteria Slovakia remote
-- No Image -- TheFrog&ThePrincess FR local
Teamlogo rabbitwalker Sweden local
-- No Image -- Alone NL local
Teamlogo Younglings Russian Federation remote
-- No Image -- HAHAR UK local
Teamlogo Spitting Greasels Versalife Wonderland local