Information for remote teams

A Remote team is any team playing over a VPN.

Remote teams need at least two machines: One acting as the routing gateway. The job of this machine is to connect your team to a) the internet and b) the CTF network.

The other dedicated machine hosts the vulnerable image. The vulnerable image is a disk image containing an operating system that can be run with vmware or qemu. We prepare an operating system together with internet services and distribute it to all participating teams.

Remote teams connect to the CTF VPN to participate. Individual certificates are generated for all remote teams; you will find yours on your registration page once it has been generated for you (which may take some time).

In advance to the CTF, you may want to familiarize yourself with

If you are not familiar with these things after the CTF started, it will be harder for your team to win. Of course, you can still participate just for fun!

There's a python flag submission script which can be used as a python module or from the commandline. The commandline version filters previously reported flags locally via sqlite.