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CTF Gameserver

Gameserver configuration

Teams and services

Teams and services are configured through the database. You may modify the tables directly, but the preferred way to alter these settings is by using the scorebot administration console.

Database settings

Database settings are stored in the file settings residing in the CWD of the gameserver. You normally do not have to edit this file once it is created, unless you move your database. If you have lost the file, recreate it using the installation script install.py

Administrator console password

The administrator console password is controlled by the adminPassword property of the settings file.


All other settings are controlled by files residing in the control/ subdirectory. For future versions, all settings will be stored in that directory. For now, the following settings exist: (All paths are relative to the control/ directory residing in the gameserver's CWD.

Path to control fileControlled setting
htmlsimplefooterHTML text to insert at the bottom of every generated advisory page.
msgs/permissiondeniedMessage to display when a user demands an operation they are not allowed to perform.
msgs/passwordincorrectMessage to display when an incorrect password is entered
msgs/motdMessage to send on successful connections to the scorebot telnet console
msgs/promptPrompt of the scorebot console
htmlheaderHTML text to insert at the top of every generated page
htmlfooterHTML text to insert at the bottom of every non-advisory page
flagminimalageMinimal age of a flag in seconds
wwwpathPath to the directory all webpages should go to. Can be relative to the scorebot's CWD or absolute.
wwwrootURL pointing to the directory specified at wwwpath
numworkersNumber of worker threads (can be changed at runtime)
rounddelayDelay between scoring rounds in seconds
scorebotconnectionsMaximum number of parallel connections to the scorebot telnet interface
peersIPs/Hostnames of testscript execution peers. Once IP/Hostname per line. This file may be empty. To reload its contents during runtime, issue r<ENTER> at the gameserver console

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