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EasterHegg 2008 CTF

EH2008 CTF image

You'll need the easterhegg CTF vulnerable image in order to participate in the CTF. (External link; thanks to Kay Rechthien for hosting it. sha256: a960bb61991430f4931bacfc94dbccced059027a810eb9e91e084df432c1a935, md5: c0836717fe3015ed6df4a3c529ffdb76) If you cannot download it due to bandwidth restrictions, etc., don't worry: we'll bring a few copies with us on DVD. It's more convenient, however, to download it here.

You untar it using this command:

	openssl aes-256-cbc -d -in ctfimage.tar.bz2.aes256 | tar xvfj -

Passphrase: qvx7mYv4l#CF

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